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Most Efficient Way to Solve Climate Change

Methane emissions being 80 times more potent than co2 and cows burps and farts being the biggest methane emitter we are on a mission make the most impact in the most efficient way.

Our goals

Empowering Sustainable Agriculture for a Healthier Planet


Sustainable Livestock

Through our groundbreaking solutions, we aim to make livestock farming more eco-friendly and economically viable.

Foster Collaboration for a Greener Future

Agteria Biotech is dedicated to partnering with farmers, corporations, and research institutions worldwide to collectively drive the transition towards more sustainable food systems.

Promote Sustainable Agricultural Practices

We aim to transform the agricultural industry by integrating sustainable, science-backed solutions that enhance productivity while protecting the environment.

Our Revolutionary Feed Additive

With the ability to slash methane emissions by over 70%, it outshines our competitors by being up to 100 times cheaper than red seaweed
Methane Reduction
Cheaper than seaweed
Sustainable Farming

Our Patented Solution's Power

Corporate Narrative

Uncovering the Inspirations Behind Agteria's Innovators

Leading our team through the complex journey of discovering our groundbreaking methane-reducing molecule was a journey filled with challenges, yet it was immensely rewarding and exhilarating.

As we move forward, I am filled with anticipation for the continued impact of our work and the further innovations we will bring to the forefront of environmental sustainability.

Tommi Remonen

Tommi Remonen


At Agteria Biotech, driven by the question ‘How can we significantly impact climate change?’ we focused on methane, a gas 80 times more potent than CO2 but ignored due to the absence of affordable solutions.

Motivated by this gap, we innovated a game-changing, cost-effective feed additive. Our mission? To make a real, tangible difference in the fight against global warming.

Martin Blomberg

Martin Blomberg


Starting Agteria Biotech with Martin was a journey of insight and challenge, aimed from day one at core environmental solutions.

Guided by a belief in science to effect change, every step we’ve taken is with the conviction that today’s efforts will secure a healthier tomorrow.

Björn Lindh

Björn Lindh


Why Choose Us Over Competitors?

Our solution stands out for its unmatched effectiveness. Featuring a rigorously tested & patented formula, our product ensures a 70% reduction in methane emissions, making a critical contribution to the fight against climate change and supporting your farm’s sustainability goals.

Our 100 times cheaper alternative to red seaweed, Agteria Biotech’s feed additive, dramatically reduces methane emissions by up to 70%. This cost-effective solution empowers sustainable practices without sacrificing effectiveness, making eco-friendly agriculture an attainable goal for farmers globally.

Our solutions are crafted for worldwide impact, tackling livestock methane emissions on a global scale. With an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and high efficiency, Agteria is set to lead the charge in the international battle against climate change, making a significant environmental difference.


Leading the Charge in Methane Reduction with Innovation, Respect for Nature, and Dedication

Martin Blomberg